Tribulation - 2000

Aug 19, 2019 at 6:01 AM UTC

Tribulation, also known as Apocalypse III: Tribulation, is a 2000 Cloud Ten Pictures thriller film directed by Andre Van Heerden and starring Gary Busey, Howie Mandel, Nick Mancuso, and Margot Kidder. The film is the second sequel to Apocalypse, although its first half is set prior to the events of the previous film.

The film tells the story of Tom Camboro (Gary Busey), a police detective who finds himself battling a mysterious group with psychic powers. When his wife (Sherri Miller), sister (Margot Kidder), and brother-in-law (Howie Mandel) become the target of this dark society, he rushes to their aid, but is incapacitated before he can intervene. Tom awakens from a coma two years later to discover a transformed world. All Christians have vanished in the Rapture, and most of the world worships the Antichrist (Nick Mancuso).

A subplot continues the tale of Helen Hannah (Leigh Lewis), one of the leading members of the Resistance to the Antichrist.