Villa Alegre - "Why I Like Me" (Spanish)

Sep 27, 2019 at 5:22 PM EDT

Villa Alegre - "Why I Like Me" (Spanish)

Villa Alegre (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈbiʎa aˈleɣɾe], Happy Village) is a children's television show and the first national bilingual (Spanish/English) program in the United States.[1] It was produced by Bilingual Children's Television as its inaugural project on the company's founding in 1970.[2]Villa Alegre debuted on Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) public television in 1973 and ran there until funding disputes ended the project in 1981.[1][2]Children's Television Workshop was successful in ending the funding for this show. The show was also seen in syndication on commercial stations in some markets, on at least a weekly basis.

Villa Alegre was the creation of Dr. Rene Cardenas, who served as president of Bilingual Children's Television and Executive Producer.[3] Other producers included Moctesuma Esparza, who worked on only the first season,[3] and David Ochoa.[4]

The show won a Peabody Award among other honors.[5] There is currently a move to have this show released on DVD.

Villa Alegre centered on life in a whimsical bilingual (Spanish and English) village. The program had an upbeat, catchy salsa-flavored theme song, which ended with adults and kids shouting "¡Villa Alegre!" The educational series was designed to teach English to Latino kids and Spanish to Anglo children. It featured various educational subjects (such as mathematics and science) and life lessons, in addition to Hispanic culture. The executive producer was Claudio Guzman[6] and the head writer was Barbara Chain. Her son Michael Chain[7] was a staff writer[8] who also composed much of the specialty music for the episodes.